About these designs▲

Above is a small selection of personal pieces, that I personally think they look aesthetically pleasing.
This selection does include: posters, illustrations, 3D designs and animation shorts.
This selection does not include any “corporate” or “professional” work samples.
– If you wish to see said work, click at Pro link.

Posters” and “icons” were designed with Illustrator and Indesign mostly. A few with Photoshop and Blender.

These 3D animations were modeled, textured, lighted, animated and rendered with Blender.
The rest were animated with Photoshop.

Everything here is created lovingly from scratch.
Not a single piece of graphic is “borrowed”.
Internet image searches and such, were only used as reference.

Also no content here is generated with A.I.!
I mean… where’s the fun in doing that?

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