About me & what I do

Hello and welcome!
I am George Leventidis, a designer
& photographer and this is my virtual gallery.
It consists both of personal projects and professional work which I consider a labor of love about visual arts.

Born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece.
I felt my first sparks of creativity and problem-solving at an early age.
During the past 10+ years, I started developing my designing and later, my photography skills.

Currently I’m involved with design and photography, both personally and professionally.

This website is best experienced on a PC.

Graphic design

is a generic and broad term,
but I touched many aspects of it, like:
logo-design, iconography, typography,
{hard-surface modeling / lighting / keyframe animation}, poster / banner design, ad-flyer / catalogues, t-shirt designs, photo-montage, CAD, printing/production, painting / illustrations,
a bit of infographics AND this site from scratch, using Elementor WordPress.

The OTE Tower of Thessaloniki,
a wireframe artwork I did on Illustrator.

Minimal, condensed, structured and flat-illustrated -I think describe my work accurately.

Modernism and Bauhaus are my favourite movements, thus they largely influence my work.

Vector graphics are my speciality
(despite the fact that I loathe math).

An ETA 2824-2 mechanical watch movement
(caliber only) wireframe rendition I did on blender.

My new favourite Z6,
paired with my 24mm prime.
Shot with a Canon Powershot G10.


wise, my favourite genres are architecture
and portraiture, but I also do product photography, especially in my professional work.
I use an array of film and digital cameras.

Since I love shooting film and the “film look“,
I try to replicate its aesthetics -loosely- on my personal digital work.
That means that I usually spend hours tweaking my raws on Lightroom and Photoshop, after the shoot!

My trusty Praktica PLC3, pictured with my favourite Zeiss 50mm prime & a UV.
Shot again with a Canon Powershot G10.

Regarding film, I mostly shoot with a Praktica PLC3 manual-winding 135 film camera, on high ASA film stocks.

I love my prime lenses, but tend to use high focal length zoom lenses more often. More so when I shoot portraits with blurred backgrounds.

Do It Yourself

(D.I.Y) is another passion
that posseses me.
Over the years I crafted and modified a variety of simple furniture / lighting appliences and decorative ornaments, all with the goal to improve aesthetics and functionality of my home spaces.

An example of said DIY projects, which I think effectively summarizes the essence, is this floodlight.
I made it by using 3 elliptic, highly reflective “IKEA Blanda Blank” bowls, a lighting tripod and a few other custom-made parts.

One of them is a photograph,
the other one is a 3D render (Blender).
Can you tell them apart?
(Hover over to cheat!)

A 3D render, modeled after a low-res image of a serving tray. Made for the Company’s 2021 product catalogue.

Corporate work

samples can be downloaded here.
These are excerts from flyers & catalogue that I worked on, at my current occupation.

Like with this website, every piece of graphic displayed in that .pdf is created by me (including the company’s logo, info tables and descriptions).

All pictures were taken by me using a Canon EOS 700D paired with an 18-55mm kit lens and a softbox with basic 3-point lighting, all within the company’s premises.

There are also a few pictures with a “3D” badge on the side. These are, you guessed it, 3D renders, which I modeled in a time shortage using Blender and Photoshop -for additional textures.

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