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This selection showcases some of my favourite artwork done at the workplace. Photos shot in the studio, renders and ads done in the office, all for the purpose of meeting my employers’ demands. This time the subject is decided for me and the stylistic direction is also influenced by others, evidently. Still, there was a lot of room for experimentation. So that’s what I did! Thus this selection feels as personal as my actual personal Graphics selection. 3D stills, animation shorts, photographs and a few ad samples sporting typography are included above.

These 3D animations & stills were modeled, textured, lighted, animated and rendered with Blender. Most using Cycles, some Eevee and a special few using LuxCore renderer.
Can you spot them?

Everything here is created lovingly and passionately from scratch.
Not a single piece of graphic is “borrowed”.
Internet image searches and such, were only used as reference.

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