About these pictures▲

Photographs shown here were shot using a variety of digital and film cameras and lenses (mostly 70-300mm, 50mm & 24mm primes).
Among the filmstocks displayed here, are my favourites: Cinestill 800T, Illford HP5 and Kodak Ultramax 400.

I have a slight obsession with architecture and prefer “clean” and structured aesthetics on my visuals. I believe this is reflected upon most of my work. More recently I realized that I enjoy taking portraits of people too, so of course I had to include some of those too!

I shoot film half of the time,
I personally prefer it slightly over digital for a few reasons.
The main being that film sees light differently than us (or digital sensors), thus it renders a unique look that digital pictures cannot easily replicate. This “film look” often subtle, but most of the times obvious to the observer, is part of its charm.

Shooting digital (raw) on the other hand, grants me more artistic flexibility on retouching, which I strive to exploit! -while film decides the color palettes for us. Either way, it’s equally satisfying to use both by the end of the day.

Can you tell them apart?

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